Blog Posts in June, 2016

Is Your Water Bottle Aging You?

It’s tough to go outside these days without encountering something that could kill you, or something that could give you enough wrinkles to make it seem like death is nigh: you can file this ...
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Still Tanning?

It’s not a complete shocker to hear about people partaking in behaviors that they know are unhealthy. (Fried food, caffeine, or beer bongs, anyone?) Still, the idea of tanning — actively ...
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Brighten Skin Gentle Facial Scubs

Whether it’s currently living in your shower or you swore by it back in high school, everyone has had a love affair with St. Ives Apricot Scrub at some point or another. It’s easy to see ...
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Need Another Reason to Exercise? Anti-aging!

That rush of adrenaline after a long run, spin, or yoga session is usually followed by a gorgeous, pink-cheeked flush—that might be the first thing you notice after exercise, but it’s not ...
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