Is Your Water Bottle Aging You?

It’s tough to go outside these days without encountering something that could kill you, or something that could give you enough wrinkles to make it seem like death is nigh: you can file this water bottle news under the wrinkles category.

As this article in Ecouterre reveals:

“Experts are issuing a warning that drinking from water bottles could be the cause of unsightly premature wrinkles. But the accusation does not come from the potential BPA that the plastic bottle may contain, but instead the shape of the bottle itself. It seems woman across the country have become “victims” of deep wrinkles around their mouths, due to repeated pursing of the lips when taking hydrating swigs from their water bottles.”

The solution? “The doctors recommend avoiding water bottles and straws in general, opting for cups that don’t cause the mouth to continuously purse.”

Making the change isn’t so hard, but make sure you don’t sacrifice hydration on the go—it’s still important to get enough water each day. Good news: your wine glass is still a perfect vessel.

Keep in mind, there are a variety of skin care and injection services that can help soften wrinkles around the mouth.

Originally featured on YahooBeauty by Charlotte’s Book

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