What’s the Deal With Multi-Masking?

Let’s face it: the skin on your face is majorly complicated. I mean, one area can be a giant grease fest while another area can literally be flaking with dryness or one area can be crazy dull and in need of exfoliation, and yet another area half an inch away can be desperate for soothing ingredients for its sensitivity.

So why, oh why, do we think one mask is going to make our whole face happy? Enter multi-masking: a new trend that helps you get glowier than ever.

The trick to multimaksing is tuning into your complexion’s needs—looking for dull, blemish-prone, dry, lackluster—basically anything that’s not perfect to your standard—spots and then treating accordingly. But, if you aren’t exactly a skin-whisperer (I mean, who is?) start with a kit like this genius Art Of Multimasking, $42, kit from Boscia. Not only does it come with minis of their four most famous masks and an awesome application brush, it comes with a card that list 6 different ways to multimask with pics . Score!

SpaDerma carries several masks to clear, hydrate and calm skin such as Skinceuticals Clay Mask, B5 Hydrating mask and Revision Black Mask which has a huge following. Additionally, Neocutis Exfoliating SKin Cleanser can be applied for a few minutes, convenuently while brushing your teeth, for a quick glowy finish.

The only tricky thing? Keeping an eye on time. Either choose masks that take the same amount of time, or tissue off masks that need to sit for a shorter stretch so you don’t get accidental irritation.

Done. Love.

Originally featured on Self.com

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