5 Reasons Why Chemical Peels Are The Secret To Beautiful Skin

If you’ve never had a chemical peel before, wipe all thoughts of red, flaky ‘Samantha from Sex And The City’ post-treatment skin out of your head right now. For a start, that whole sorry affair from season five of the hit HBO show was aired 14 (ouch) years ago when late ’90s peels were much less refined, and frankly, hurt like hell…

But fast-forward to today and gentle (we stress, gentle) chemical peels are seen by most derms and doctors as being just as essential to your skincare plan as antioxidants, sunscreen and efficient cleansing. Perhaps even more so.

“Getting regular light or superficial chemical peels is all part of a healthy skin regime,” explains Danae Markland, LE, CMLT and VP of education at PCA Skin, the brand recognized globally as the gold standard in professional chemical peels and the originator of the blended chemical peel – think amazing results without the downtime or side effects.

As part of a medical-grade, professionally-prescribed skincare plan (of which we’re HUGE advocates here at HintMD), chemical peels are gaining huge momentum right now. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more people are getting them than ever. And who can blame us? By revealing deeper layers of fresh, untouched skin, chemical peels have the powerful ability to essentially make the skin look younger and practically ‘new’ again – and all this for much less than the cost of a series of lasers treatments.

Still not sure you need them in your life? Then allow Danae to convince you with not just one, but five mighty skin benefits of the chemical peel…

1. Chemical Peels Remove Surface Build-Up

“The top layer of the skin is made up of dead skin cells. And while this layer is important, the more cells build up on the surface, the duller your complexion will appear and the more likely you are to develop acne breakouts,” Danae says.

“Chemical peels help to loosen those dead cells and allow them to shed off over the next few days, revealing smoother, brighter skin.”

2. They Increase Cellular Proliferation

“In healthy skin, your cell turnover process takes approximately 28 days. As the skin ages and is exposed to environmental offenders, this process can slow down. New, healthy cells appear younger and, well, healthier. Regular chemical peels encourage a healthy cell turnover cycle.”

3. They Reduce Hyperpigmentation

“Dark spots in the skin appear darker the closer they are to the surface. With chemical peels, you are essentially raising this pigment to the surface and exfoliating it out of the skin. Depending on how deep the spot is, it may take a series of treatments to see the full results but with each peel, you should notice a brighter, more even skin tone.”

4. Chemical Peels Increase Collagen Production

“The application of acids, even in low percentages, creates stimulation in the skin. This stimulation triggers the response that leads to the development of collagen and other structural components in the skin. Building collagen will fill in fine lines and reduce the appearance of large pores and textural scarring.”

5. They Help Reduce Breakouts

“The acids used in many chemical peels provide antibacterial activity in addition to clearing out the follicle to keep skin blemish-free.”

As with any professional treatment, however, choosing a qualified, board-certified physician is vital. And if you fancy saving a few dollars with an at-home peel, then erase those thoughts from your brain, like now.

“Never try and do a peel yourself,” Danae warns. “I’ve seen people with scarring because they attempted to peel themselves at home, so please leave it to the professionals – it will be worth it!”


Originally featured on hintmd.com

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