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Erika N.
Chicago, IL

Can I just say “wow”? As a gal who is (admittedly) refusing to say that I have to look 41 even though I’m 41, I called a medical estheticial friend of mine for over 20 years. I asked, “Honey, I want my grill to me more THRILL so how do I amp it up and avoid looking like a clown?” She’s in Colorado, I’m here, so she sent me a great advisory list of treatments and fillers to learn about and I went about setting consults.

When I walked into SpaDerma, I’d found home.

First — courteous staff. BEYOND courteous. Glad I was there, and ready to take care of me.

Secondly — TIME. I met with Holly, one of their medical estheticians first. She must have spent 30 minutes with me. She asked questions, made recommendations, showed me product without the “ZOMG BUY NOWNOWNOW” hard sell. I’m a redhead with skin that screams “Oh haiii sun — ruin me” and opted to do a series of 3 IPL photofacials with her to begin.

Next — ummm, TIME again. I then met with Julie, their nurse who handles fillers and Botox. Having had Botox previously, I knew what to expect there, but what I didn’t expect was the time and consultative approach. She watched my face as we talked. She then showed me in the mirror what she would do — and what she would NOT do — with both Botox and fillers. I opted to go with Botox that day (hey, it was my birthday!) and I’ll be back in about 10 days for some very light filler work. Julie is brilliant, and I think we were together for over 45 minutes. Seriously — I feel like I need to invite her over for dinner to thank her for all of her time when I was prepped for a pile of brochures in my purse and a we-can’t-treat-you-today-come-back-later message.

Finally, they understand the investment in your skin. They offer an exceptional value for the services they offer. They’re not cheap so if you’re looking for cheap, go get a cheap face. Lemme know how that works out. Me? I’m interested in someone who’s going to help me tell Mother Nature to ‘Sit down, Waldo!’ All of their packages can be paid in installments, which makes the value an even bigger value.

So, ladies and gents — go. Or don’t. Maybe keep price shopping and go see someone who just wants to stick a needle in your face and grab your credit card. I’ll be coming back here to take care of my skin and watch Mother Nature glare at me after I’ve strategically foiled her diabolical plan.

PS: parking is on-street and easy. When you walk into the salon, head up the stairs behind the salon reception desk.

Kathryn B.
Chicago, IL

I have much CREDIBLE knowledge of medical spas, especially in the city of Chicago, and I have to say that SpaDerma is one of the most legit places you can go. Plus, it is quite easy to get an appointment. Most often, you can get in within 2 or 3 days notice.

The technicians have YEARS of experience and are extremely knowledgable, friendly, and will tell you straight up what you NEED, rather than trying to sell you packages that you have no use for. (I personally see Carla. She’s great.)

Jessica, the manager, is one of the most accommodating individuals that I’ve seen in the profession. If there is a problem, kindly address it with her, and you will most often reach an agreement.

Clients who are looking for packages for dirt cheap, this may not be the place for you, but I can 100% guarantee professional, effective treatments. Results are obviously going to be different for everyone, but if you are willing to spend the money, you will not be let down.

If you are interested in trying them out, check them out on Groupon, but keep in mind that their Groupons are just for the purpose of getting you STARTED. For example, you will not see a complete reduction of hair with only 3 laser hair removal treatments. YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST 6…MINIMUM! That’s anywhere.

But please people, realize that this is LASER hair removal. It’s not joke. Be safe, not sorry. Come to SpaDerma.

Elisabeth B

I love SpaDerma. The service I receive is excellent, and the staff is always very helpful, professional, and accommodating. I received my first treatment of Clear & Brilliant–Jessica was very good about explaining the process and what to expect. Very pleased so far. Always a great experience at SpaDerma.

Anthony E.
Chicago, IL

Holly is the best! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and takes her time! I started going to SpaDerma for laser hair removal and help with my acne and this place is Awesome! Holly always makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease and always gives great advice on ways I can continue to improve my skin. The treatments have really helped my self-esteem and are totally worth the investment.

Nancy M.
Customer Since 2010

I continue to go to SpaDerma mainly because I trust and like my skin care professional, Maggie. She has listened to my fears and reservations re: types of treatments and has guided me with information and experience to a regimen that has been helpful to me. I feel very comfortable in her hands.

Caron G.
Woodinville, WA

Wow! What a great experience I had with Julie Myers, RN!! First, I come to Chicago from Seattle to visit family a couple times a year, and had heard great things about Julie and her skill with Botox treatment, so I decided to try to see if I could get an appointment on very short notice, and a holiday weekend. Well, somehow, they were able to get me in due to a schedule change, and called me while I was on the way to the airport to head home. I still had plenty of time, so I hightailed if over to the spa, and had a great, informative and comfortable appointment. Second, I focus on cosmetics, as I am a cosmetic dentist for 25 years, so I’m extremely picky, and want very natural-looking results. I furrow my brows a lot when I’m concentrating, and it was starting to look horrible–like I was angry much of the time. Well, after just a day, I could start to see the wonderful and completely natural results. Now it’s been about a month, and my forehead line is hardly noticeable. It was painless and she calmed my fears by explaining everything along the way. Thanks for everything, Julie!


Excellent as always! I tell all of my friends to come to SpaDerma. I absolutely love it!

Josef Z.

The beautiful young lady that took care of me was extremely courteous and professional. She made me feel right at ease throughout my laser experience and continuously checked to make sure I was comfortable. Considering this was my second treatment, it was apparent she cared about the results I was getting by asking me multiple questions to verify that I was getting the best result possible. I look forward to the rest of my treatments and will highly recommend this wonderful establishment to friends.

Nia F.
Bucktown, Chicago, IL

This is my third time trying laser hair removal. The past two (one at hair today gone tomorrow and the other at my gynecologist’s office) did absolutely nothing despite costing ten times as much and doing it for a year at each location. I had my doubts this would work, but it was only $99 through a gilt voucher, so I figured I had nothing but to lose. After my first session with Maggie, I didn’t need to shave my underarms for A MONTH. I’m so happy with the results already and I still have 5 sessions to go! I’ll eventually keep adding packages, you can’t beat the results or price.

Erika N

Love coming here. No pushy sales stuff — they’re just interested in you taking care of your beautiful self. They’ve been amazing and highly consultative — no hit and run in and out stuff.

Samm M.
Chicago, IL

I have been going to Alison at SpaDerma for almost 10 years for my skin treatments and laser hair removal, she has a ton of experience and I wouldn’t trust my skin to anyone else. I also see Julie for Botox and she is great too. They always have some sort of promotion running and I would recommend taking advantage. Stop wasting your money on waxing, laser hair removal will change your life!

Shelley A.
Customer Since 2012

It is always a great experience to walk up the steps to SpaDerma. The staff is unfailingly friendly and most helpful. My technician is a cheerful, confident and experienced facilitator. It truly seems as if those people enjoy their work and where they work which translates into a pleasant experience for the client. Return visits are very reasonably priced and the hair removal machines really work!

Cody S.
Chicago, IL

I would highly recommend SpaDerma to anyone! The staff is extremely professional, helpful and polite. I bought a package for laser hair removal with my friends – we’re only 2 sessions in and already seeing great results! They usually run promotions each month, particularly if you purchase a package so I would recommend doing that! I have seen both Niki and Claire and they were both great. They make sure to answer all your questions before a treatment and ensure there are no surprises. They also explain aftercare.

Kristi B.
Customer Since 2010

If you are looking for a great Spa experience where the technicians are all very kind and professional, SpaDerma is the place!

Christy V.
Chicago, IL

I purchased a Living Social deal for 3 laser hair removal sessions. Thus far, I have received 2 of the treatments and have seen great results. I plan on buying another package from SpaDerma, in hopes they have a promotion going on now! I would recommend SpaDerma to anyone.

Carrie H.
Chicago, IL

I see Jess at SpaDerma for several different types of treatments and they ALL have been wonderful experiences! She is very knowledgeable, super friendly, and always makes me feel comfortable. I have recommended her to several friends who have all had great experiences at SpaDerma with her!

Kerry L.
Chicago, IL

Just had my first laser hair removal treatment with Holly and as someone who does not do treatments of any kind, I was extremely impressed with the service and professionalism of the spa. Holly was wonderful and explained everything in great detail. There was definitely some discomfort, but not unbearable. Looking forward to be hair free!


Great customer service and great salon service as always! i’ve been going to SpaDerma now off and on for many different services for 6.5 years… i have to say, i’m going to definitely become more of a regular! they always have great specials and i just had an amazing facial from hollie on sunday! they are also very accomodating – i had purchased a pack of discounted IPLs for them just before i found out i was pregnant… well, while pregnant i can’t get IPLs so they allowed me to switch to facials with no problem! i will keep coming back as regularly as i can!

Misa S.
Chicago, IL

Julie is like Michelangelo for your face. She’s truly an artist … DEF recommend her and feel free to message me if you want additional deets!

Purchased the 6 treatment laser hair removal package back in Feb. Allison is amazing AND efficient… Read more »

Karen I.
Chicago, IL

I had a great experience with Julie. 100% satisfied with the results. Would recommend her to a friend.
Thanks Julie!

Chicago, IL

you must try sensi-peel and TCA ( stronger chemical peel ) Tri-chloric acid with Claire. Excellent way to remove sun damage.

Claire is wonderful! I saw 2 others and she had the most helpful suggestions for helping me obtain… Read more »

Megan P.
Chicago, IL

I called yesterday on a whim, and was in SpaDerma today for my consultation! I was nervous for my consultation, but Alison made me totally comfortable and confident. She answered all of my questions openly and honestly, and was very helpful. She even took the time to perform my first laser hair removal right then and there! She was professional, warm, and amazing, and I’m looking forward to my next appointment with her. The treatment is almost painless, even in a very sensitive area, and very reasonably priced. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else with my skin ever again!

Ashley H.
Chicago, IL

I have been seeing Jessica for laser hair removal at SpaDerma for the past year and am very pleased with the results. It is a quick and relatively painless treatment, and I am loving the results! I was a little nervous the first time I went but Jessica made me feel at ease right away. She is very personable and fun to talk to which makes the process very easy!

Theresa D.
Chicago, IL

I see Julie Meyers, RN for Botox and filler. I have tried other places and been unhappy with the results. Julie really takes pride in her work. She takes her time to make sure everything looks even and natural. Also, she is really friendly and I feel very comfortable with her. She consults to make sure we are both on the same page to get the absolutely most beautiful end result. Love her!
Additionally, I have seen Maggie for chemical peels, IPL, and laser hair removal. She is very efficient in both time and results. She puts me at ease and asks how the treatment is feeling…
All the employees that work at SpaDerma are always friendly and helpful when choosing skin are products, never pushy. They know skin care!

Leslie W.
Cook, IL

I’ve just finished up Laser Hair Removal for legs and underarms with Allison and she’s great! She’s quick, through, and makes getting LHR as comfortable as possible without sacrificing results.

Brittany R.
Chicago, IL

JULIE AT SPADERMA is THE BEST!!!! I rarely write reviews but I feel compelled to share the amazing experience I had with Julie Myers last night at SpaDerma. Julie was beyond warm and friendly and made the appointment not only very comfortable, but actually enjoyable!

So often when receiving spa procedures, it seems as if the practitioners are just going through the motions. However, Julie is the exact opposite … she has total enthusiasm for what she does and truly is a skilled artisan.

Julie really took the time to examine what was needed for me to look my best. I had brain surgery as a very young child and as a result, my eyes are a tad bit asymmetrical. It’s not that noticeable to the naked eye but she picked up on it right away. She not only gave me the goods to take care of/prevent my wrinkles but she worked her magic to correct the asymmetry as well. I did not even realize that was possible with a little Botox.

A bad facial or massage is a bummer, but bad Botox is a nightmare. Don’t risk it! Go see Julie … She’s beyond awesome! I am recommending her to everyone I know.

Susan H.
Chicago, IL

I see Claire and she is wonderful! She is a super chatty and gentle. Makes the process fun!

Denise G.
Evanston, IL

This review is about Julie Myers RN who does Botox and Fillers. I have gone to many doctors and specialists alike and have never found anyone who was more meticulous, had a better aesthetic for what looks most flattering and natural on individual faces or took as much time with her injections as Julie. I wouldnt recommend anyone else after going to her for years (and trying doctors in between) but always coming back to her. She is a wonderful person, lots of fun but knows how that you are there to make yourself look better. Her nursing and surgical background makes her the perfect choice. I would highly recommend her (and do) to all my friends.

Michelle J.
Chicago, IL

Maggie is excellent! I have been seeing Maggie for over a year and I can honestly say that she is the reason I get compliments on my skin regularly. She personalizes every service and tells me exactly how to care for my skin in-between treatment. I could not be happier. I started with facials and microderm. I recently started Clear Brilliant and LOVE my skin now. I recommend Maggie and the Manager, Jessica is very helpful making sure your schedule can be accommodated.

eileen d.
Chicago, IL

Julie Meyers R.N is without a doubt the best aesthetic nurse in the business – I went for Botox two years ago to a person I won’t name and it was more than disappointing. Last year I told a friend how refreshed she looked and amazing and in no wy did i think she looked “done” just rested and amazing……she told me she goes to Julie not for Botox but for a true review of how to proactively stop the clock… Do very little proactively. I went to see Julie and she consulted with me told me what I don’t need and would not work well… The Botox I had/ placement and amount not right for me. Julie customized my treatment of Botox and juviderm based on me…. I felt great and got compliments from all not knowing or saying I can tell u did something but man u look refreshed and young… What are you eating doing? It lasted 6 months now I go twice a year and it is the best investment I ever made – I can tell you the product works but you need a skilled professional like Julie to make it work!!!

Cindi C.
Chicago, IL

If you want to feel comfortable and informed during your laser hair removal – make sure you book an appointment with Niki today! She’s so sweet & amazing! I was nervous for my first appointment and she calmed me down by explaining everything and taking the time to make sure I was comfortable. I’m glad I chose SpaDerma and Niki as my technician. She made the experience as painless as possible and I’ll definitely go back and recommend all my friends & family to her.

Liliana L.
Chicago, IL

Awesome Place! There is no words to descrive how great this place is. Friendly, and they make you feel so confortable. If you are looking for injectable treatments this is the place to go. My mom sees Julie Myers, and she loves her. She loves the results; Natural looking. No words that descrives how professional is Julie with her. Always providing recommendations and giving you options. If you are looking for a high quality results this is the place.

Melissa G.
Chicago, IL

This place is the best! If you are looking for Laser Hair Removal, I definitely recommend SpaDerma. I’ve always wanted to try it and bought a Groupon after reading previous raving yelp reviews about this business. I made an appointment with Allison (per everyone’s recommendation) and it was an excellent decision.

1. Allison was very informative and made me feel comfortable with the treatment
2. They are always offering different discounts & there is a payment plan to split across visits. You can also refer people and you (and the person referred) get a further discount (message me if you’re interested)
3. Excellent results – I hardly ever have to shave anymore and I’m not even finished with my 6 treatment package
4. Convenient location & clean facility

Can’t really think of any!

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