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    Semaglutide Testimonial

    Anna Grancher, Clinical Director MS, PA-C

    “I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. In middle school I was the “fat girl” as I struggled to find trendy clothes in my size and fit in with my peers I became acutely aware of how my weight impacted how I was going to be treated by the world. I lost and gained weight throughout high school, college and grad school. I saw high numbers on the scale during times of stress and tragedy, but I always felt successful and proud when I starved myself to lower weights. Without fail I would eventually gain the weight back, often exceeding where I had been previously. I tried personal trainers, private gym memberships, supervised weight loss programs, prescription stimulants, meal plans, weight watchers, HCG injections, starvation .. you name it, I’ve tried it! The constant reminder that my willpower just wasn’t as strong as everyone else’s was devastating. 

    Following the birth of my second child I was at my highest weight ever, approaching 300 pounds. I didn't recognize myself in photos, my body ached, simple physical tasks took a toll. I convinced myself if I didn’t get this under control I would not be alive to see my children grow up. I was 38, far too young to be having these thoughts, so I made a plan to get “Fit by 40.” 

    Anna's weight loss testimonial

    In the back on my mind I was fairly certain I wouldn’t make it there, or it would be temporary.  At least I’d be thinner for a little while.  I enrolled myself into an expensive calorie restricted meal service and began tracking my activity levels, I lost 50 pounds! .. and then I was stuck. I was fixated on food, the amounts, the guilt of over eating or indulging for a special occasion, the fear of not being able to lose more or gaining it back consumed my brain like it has my entire life.  

    Then I was introduced to semaglutide, I was excited for another option but I was pretty skeptical that it was a band-aid, a temporary solution to a very permanent problem. I began the injections and gradually I began to lose weight, it wasn’t dramatic. 1-2 pounds a week. I felt myself making healthier food choices, I would eat less at each meal, I stayed full longer.  I experienced minimal side effects like nausea and constipation as my body got used to the medication. The most impactful part of taking a GLP-1 was the effect it had on my willpower, on my brain, the “food noise” (the constant internal dialogue around food) was quieted. Finally. 

    This medication isn’t a magic wand, it’s a helper. You can still eat unhealthy foods, you can make poor choices, and you aren’t guaranteed success. However, if you are willing to put in a little bit of work and embrace the process these medications may change your life. 

    Anna Grancher before/after

    Our society sees obesity as a weakness, as a personal choice of lazy, unmotivated people. We do not shame individuals with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or autoimmune disorders that require daily medication to manage their conditions, why should this be any different? Obesity is a complex disease with genetic and environmental components that have far-reaching consequences. I am happy to share my story because I want to empower anyone who is struggling like I did for so many years. Adding a GLP-1 to your wellness journey may be the best decision you ever make. It certainly has been for me. I am proud to say I reached my goal weight by the time I turned 40. I celebrated with new clothes and a beach vacation! I have continued to maintain my weight with semaglutide and my new relationship with food. I would love to help you on your journey, please let me know what questions you have!”

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