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    Hydra+ Pass Facial Membership

    SpaDerma Hydra+ Pass

    Monthly Medspa Facials Membership

    The SpaDerma Hydra+ Pass is the perfect opportunity for ongoing perks and discounts on your favorite SpaDerma facials and more! Receive a Hydrafacial every month or switch it up and choose from your choice of A.C.E. Facial, Fire+Ice, and Glo2Facial. Members benefit from exclusive deals on products and treatments with new offers every month!

    Hydra+ Pass - How it works:

    1. Sign up for Hydra+ Pass Facial Membership (Annual Fee of $199)
    2. Schedule your first appointment for your choice of Hydrafacial Classic, DiamondGlow, A.C.E. Facial, Fire+Ice, or Glo2Facial. ($150 monthly fee)
    3. Schedule appointments every 4 weeks
    4. Get ongoing discounts and perks from SpaDerma!
    Hydra Pass Details

    How do I pay for my Hydra+ Pass membership?

    Your annual membership fee will be paid upon registration and then auto-paid each year of membership on the same date.

    Your monthly payments will be auto-paid on the same day every month. For example, if you sign up on the 15th, your auto-payments will be charged on the 15th every month.

    What are the benefits of the Hydra+Pass Facial Membership vs purchasing a regular facial treatment package? 

    The biggest benefit of the Hydra+Pass Membership is the huge savings per treatment! (should we add the values?). Plus, you'll also receive awesome membership perks (listed above!)

    How will I select the type of add-on if I want to add to my facial each month? 

    Your SpaDerma aesthetician will give you the best recommendations for treatment add-ons based on your skin and goals. Everyone is different, and they're the experts!

    What if I have to cancel my appointment?

    Please provide 24 hours notice to avoid any cancellation feels and reschedule at your convenience. Your facial treatments with the membership can be spaced 4 weeks apart and you cannot be treated before the 4-weeks between treatments.

    How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your Hydra+ Pass membership, please provide notice 30 days in advance of your next automatic payment. If less than 30 days is given, your cancellation will process for the following billing cycle. 

    For example, if you were to request cancellation on February 1st, and you were set to be charged on February 3rd, you would still be charged on February 3rd-- but you would not be charged for the following month's payment on March 3rd.

    Memberships can be cancelled over the phone or in person.

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