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    Zap Pass Laser Hair Removal Membership


    Laser Hair Removal Monthly Memberships

    The SpaDerma Zap Pass is your one way ticket to effective, long-lasting reduction of unwanted body hair through the power of laser hair removal. Save on laser hair removal treatments with your expert aesthetician and reach your ideal results. Plus, you'll receive exclusive access to members-only perks! Book an appointment today to get started!

    ZAP PASS - How it works:

    1. Choose a membership option by the size of your treatment area; select from extra-small, small, medium, large, or full body + face. 
    2. Schedule your first appointment with one of our aestheticians and then revisit for treatment every 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on your treatment area and Zap Pass membership.
    3. Low monthly payments are auto-paid.
    4. Get VIP perks from SpaDerma!

    Extra-Small Area

    $25 Monthly Payment

    $125 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments may be scheduled 4 weeks (or more) apart.

    Extra-Small Areas: lip, chin, side of face, areola, ear nose, unibrow

    Small Area

    $35 Monthly Payment

    $125 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments may be scheduled 4 weeks (or more) apart.

    Small Areas: underarms, basic bikini, front of neck, back of neck, navel, hands, feet, hairline

    Medium Area

    $45 Monthly Payment

    $150 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments may be scheduled 6 weeks (or more) apart.

    Medium Areas: Brazilian, lower arms, upper arms, lower legs, upper legs, lower back, upper back, abdomen, shoulders

    Large Area

    $65 Monthly Payment

    $150 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments may be scheduled 8 weeks (or more) apart.

    Large Areas: full legs, full arms, full back, chest, full face & neck


    $65 Monthly Payment

    $150 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments for the face area may be scheduled 4 weeks (or more) apart.


    $199 Monthly Payment

    $500 Annual Membership Fee

    Appointments for the body (neck down) may be scheduled 8 weeks (or more) apart.

    Unlimited treatment areas per session!

    How do I pay for my Zap Pass membership?

    Your annual membership fee will be paid upon registration and then auto-paid each year of membership on the same date.

    Your monthly payments will be auto-paid on the same day every month. For example, if you sign up on the 15th, your auto-payments will be charged on the 15th every month.

    What are the benefits of the Zap Pass Laser Hair Removal membership vs a Laser Hair Removal treatment package?

    The biggest benefit of the Zap Pass Laser Hair Removal membership is the huge savings per treatment! 

    The membership allows you to schedule Laser Hair Removal appointments every 4, 6, or 8 weeks depending on the area(s) you’re getting treated, ultimately giving you the best results from this consistent treatment schedule.

    As a member, you also get special perks from SpaDerma including 10% of all skincare product purchases and exclusive access to special events and sales! 

    What if I want to treat multiple areas?

    We recommend the Full Body + Face Zap Pass membership since it is the absolute best value. You can treat unlimited areas at each appointment!

    You also have the option to purchase as many Zap Pass memberships (one for each area of the body you want treated) as you'd like. For example, you can purchase a Zap Pass for the lip and the chin (two extra-small areas) and you'll pay $50/month ($25 each), but you'll only pay one membership fee of $125 since you purchased these two areas together. Another example; you purchase the lower leg, brazilian, and lip (two medium areas at $45 each and one extra-small area at $25 area). You would pay the $150 membership (covers both medium areas) and the $125 membership fee for the extra-small area. The total yearly membership fee would be $275 and the monthly payment would be $115.

    When can I expect to see results? 

    With consistent treatments, you will notice the hair growing back much slower and finer each time. Expect to need about 9-12 sessions to achieve 75-95% reduction.

    What kind of lasers does SpaDerma use for Laser Hair Removal?

    We use the Lumenis LightSheer family of lasers at SpaDerma: specifically the Duet, Desire, and Quattro lasers. We also use the XEO by Cutera. The laser used is selected based on each patient's skin tone and hair texture using the Fitzpatrick scale. 


    What if I have to cancel an appointment? 

    If you need to cancel a Laser Hair Removal appointment, please provide 24 hours notice to avoid any cancellation fees and reschedule at your convenience. Your treatments can always be spaced 4, 6, or 8 weeks apart depending on the areas you're treating. You cannot be treated before the minimum time required between treatments based on your Zap Pass membership. 


    How do I cancel my membership? 

    To cancel your Zap Pass membership, please provide notice 30 days in advance of your next automatic payment. If less than 30 days is given, your cancellation will process for the following billing cycle. 

    For example, if you were to request cancellation on February 1st, and you were set to be charged on February 3rd, you would still be charged on February 3rd-- but you would not be charged for the following month's payment on March 3rd.

    Memberships can be cancelled over the phone or in person.


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    Postcare notes

    • You may resume your workouts the next day.
    • Quick, cool showers are recommended. Hot baths are not advised for 24 hours.
    • Cold packs, aloe-vera, or any other cooling preparation may be used to ease temporary
    • Makeup can be applied after treatment as long as the skin is not broken. Mineral makeup is recommended.
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