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    What are face rollers?

    Face Rollers or more popularly known as Jade Rollers have been all the rage in the skincare and wellness industry over the past few years. A jade roller is a hand size, paint-roller-like tool with a cylinder of jade stone at one end.  At first glance, the face roller tool itself might look perplexing but it has deep roots dating back to the early 17th century being part of Chinese elite beauty routines since the Qing dynasty. People associate stones with certain properties and claim jade has a special ability to heal and soothe. Today, jade rollers can be seen on Instagram and on beauty bloggers platforms all over the world. 

    Where can I purchase face rollers?

    Jade rollers can be purchased online from anywhere between $12-$45 depending on the vendor and quality of stone. SpaDerma sells a NeoCutis Jade face roller in spas for $22.05 to help smooth skin and apply products evenly. 

    What are the benefits of face rollers? 

    Some beauty enthusiasts  claim that the rolling motion of the stone, whether that be jade or rose quartz, on your face can help clear toxins and decrease puffiness. Others say regular use of jade rollers can erase wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, tighten pores and potentially improve inflammation. We asked our expert team of Aestheticans how they felt about face or jade rollers and here is what they had to say: Lincoln Park Aesthetician Marc Shaffar explains, “Facial rollers have been used in skincare for years because of their amazing soothing, and de-stressing properties for the skin. They increase circulation, relieve tension in the muscles, and studies have shown it to reduce anxiety due to all the amazing acupressure points In the face.”

    He goes on to talk about jade, “Jade naturally is a very cold stone, this makes it great for reducing swelling, and puffiness. It also is great after aggressive treatments, such as the Clear+Brilliant to instantly soothe your skin. There are a lot of fake jade rollers on the market, the easiest way to tell is just by feeling it. It should stay cold, as well as there should be marbling in the stone. Most fake jade stones do not stay cold, and are other stones that have been dyed. Also if you can scratch it with your nail it’s not real.” 

    Lakeview Aesthetican and Laser + Light Therapist, Fallon Groh, weighs in on face rollers effectiveness, “Face rollers serve a couple different purposes. If used (rolled) correctly, they can help with lymphatic drainage. Due to diet, stress and the weather we can retain fluid making our faces bloated. A benefit to rolling is to drain the fluid of toxins to enhance skin health, reduce acne and contour the face.”  

    Face Roller Tips

    Make sure to properly clean your roller, as Marc says, “the rollers should never soak in water, wipe off any product you may have on the roller with a wash cloth, use a gentle non-abrasive soap with water, rinse, and let dry flat on a dry towel.” 

    Fallon Groh as more great skin tips about face rollers, “Another use for these rollers is to promote product penetration. Apply your serums and moisturizers and roll them into the skin or  you can roll while you mask to promote relaxation. A fun 'ADULT' tip is to leave them in the freezer, and roll your face the morning after you indulge in too much wine. Helps reduce the inflammation caused by the alcohol and helps relieve anxiety and headaches.” 

    You heard the experts! Our team thinks face rollers are a great addition to your beauty routine if done correctly and cleaned properly. It is not a replacement for other anti-aging treatments or skincare products but it doesn’t hurt to add on, especially if it means extra relaxation and skin love. We always recommend coming in to schedule a consultation for a customized skincare plan that fits you! 

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