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    Anna Grancher, PA, SpaDerma Clinical Director

    Anna Grancher, PA, SpaDerma Clinical Director

    Our whole team is really excited to welcome Anna to the #glowgetter team as the new Clinical Director for all SpaDerma locations.

    We sat down with Anna Grancher PA, to get know more about her and her love for injectables, advanced skincare and family!

    Hi Anna! Welcome to SpaDerma and congratulations on your new position with us as Clinical Director! We’d love to get to know you better, so we will be asking a few questions for our whole team and patients to get to know you. 

    Thank you! I’m really excited to be part of the SpaDerma team and can’t wait to answer all of your questions! 

    Great, let's start off with an easy one! Where are you from?  

    I am from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. I grew up in Minnesota and it really is true, people from Minnesota are the nicest. I came to Illinois for undergrad and I then hopped around a bit. I moved to Arizona to go to grad school. Eventually, I moved back to the Midwest since it always felt like home to me. I met my husband in Chicago and we got married 3 years ago. I have a 18-month old son, his name is Harrison, he is the light of my everyday. We are just in the process of moving to Glen Ellyn, Illinois. So lots of new projects this year! New job and new house!

    How long have you been a Physician Assistant?

    I’ve been a Physician Assistant for 10 years and I’ve been working in aesthetics for 6 years. 

    What made you want to work in the medical spa/aesthetics industry? 

    I’ve always been interested in skincare and the whole beauty industry -- from fashion to beauty-- and I didn’t know until later that that interest would translate into aesthetics so perfectly. 

    Aesthetics is my passion and it is such a dynamic and ever-changing industry. This field is always changing. 

    Why do you think it is important to invest in advanced skincare and/ or cosmetic injectables?

    If we look at this whole year while in the pandemic, we all realized the importance of self-care. Self-care is a big part of the medical spa services and what we aim to do. When you look good you feel good. An example of importance of skincare is going to the gym, if you do your regular workout you feel better, it is the same for skincare. There are even studies of huge improvements in health for patients who receive regular treatments of Botox or neuromodulators.  

    What do you love most about working in aesthetics? 

    There is real value in this industry. I love working with all ages, or anyone who needs a boost of confidence. I want people to look and feel their best. For me, it is a lot about restoration with injectables. If that makes you feel good, go for it! As women, our skin changes, our body changes and if I can help you restore your natural, refreshed look in just 30 minutes. Why not?  

    How often should patients come into a medical spa? 

    For me, I never want to see someone once. When you have someone you trust to guide you through skincare it is life-changing. We live in a world where there is a new and different product coming out or new devices everyday. It is important to know what is right for you and your skin.  

    You have to have a skincare and injectable routine customized to you. I usually plan with a patient to come in quarterly or every season. Sometimes it's just maintenance and it depends on the patient and their goals. 

    What’s a common request you receive from patients? 

    Usually people say, “ I want to look, how I feel.” Aging does that to everyone, it can make you look dull and tired. When you’re aging, you don’t feel 70 but these wrinkles tell a different story. So I always say let's change that! 

    What are you looking forward to most about joining SpaDerma? 

    I’m excited to be in such a large network of professionals. I think there is so much to learn from each other. I see how much SpaDerma fosters education and I’m so excited to learn from everybody and hopefully they can learn from me. This feels very much like collaboration because it is so dynamic and ever-changing. I’m excited about the scope of the organization and learning from the whole team.

    What is your favorite Injectable treatment? 

    I only get to pick one? I’d have to pick Neurotoxin treatments. It’s kinda like the gateway drug. There's no one that cannot benefit from it, it's easy, it's affordable, and there is no down time. It really enhances my patients' natural beauty. I love it! I mean, I love a good Filler treatment because I get to be my most artistic and it's really all about restoration. 

    What is your favorite advanced skincare treatment?

    I love Clear & Brilliant and I love a monthly HydraFacial or Chemical Peel. This is why I love setting up a plan and collaboration. Ideally, we want to see you every few months and set up a whole plan to get you to your goals. I don’t just have one tool in the tool in the toolbox to get you the skin of your dreams! 

    As you can see from just one conversation, Anna is fantastic and we can’t wait for you all to meet her! Make sure to follow Anna on Instagram @anna_spaderma and book with Anna at our North Shore or West Loop to reach your skincare goals! 

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