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    SpaDerma Skincare: BIPOC Product Recommendations

    "The best thing about skin care is that everyone can benefit from developing a routine that works best for them and their skin. As a dark-skinned, Black woman with years of experience in the industry, I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. The key to an effective skin care routine is customizing your products and treatments based on your skin type." -Lincoln Park Spa Manager, Kensli Diggs

    Continuing Education:

    All SpaDerma providers attend continued training when they are hired which better develops their understanding of the best products and treatments to utilize for varying conditions and skin types. We want our patients to rest assured that our providers are trained to follow the necessary safety protocols when providing treatments to patients Fitz 1 through Fitz 6. With SpaDerma being one of the leaders in continued aesthetics training, our providers’ goal is to create beautiful skin. How that goal is achieved however, varies from person to person. This is the true beauty of skincare!

    The Fitzpatrick Scale:

    The Fitzpatrick Scale, also referred to as the “Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test”, is an industry standard scale that categorizes the different skin complexions/tones through a numerical classification system. This helps determine which treatments and products should be safely used for the best results.

    Live, Laugh, SPF:

    My intention when originally writing this post was to link a well researched article regarding the Fitzpatrick Scale and its origin. However, all the articles I came across seemed to mention that Fitzpatrick 6 (the darkest Fitz) “never burns”... This is simply not true. All skin types can get sunburned and need sun protection. This brings me to the number one product must-have when it comes to skincare: SPF! A common issue people of color face when it comes to sunscreen is the unsightly white residue creams leaves behind. So, my go-to SpaDerma recommendation would be EltaMD’s UV Clear SPF 46 (non tinted). While this product may not blend completely with every skin tone, this brand has a strong medical heritage which allows for a very targeted formulation of their products. The level of protection against UVB rays is significant as well! At SpaDerma, we have a vast assortment of sunscreen options so there’s plenty to choose from. 

    Invest in your skin, it will represent you for a very long time.

    The second must-have product in my opinion is a good moisturizer. I personally have combination skin and always fight looking “too shiny”. For this reason, the moisturizer I’d recommend is the Neocutis Bio Cream Firm. The Bio Cream helps lock in moisture throughout the winter when your skin is at its driest without leaving you shiny during the summer months. The third must-have product is an effective eye cream for dark circles. SpaDerma has a number of options when it comes to targeting the eyes but my personal recommendation has always been the SkinBetter Eye Max. This product is packed with powerful retinols that really help to brighten the under eye area. Though all these products are grade-A and will help you achieve your skincare goals, you can’t neglect the prime method in which all these products will be used most effectively…cleansing the skin! Thus, product recommendations #4 & 5. Most, if not, ALL aestheticians will tell you to double cleanse at night to capitalize on the benefits of your skincare routine. It’s simple really, exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and your products will seep in deeper. The Skinceuticals Simply Clean is a great cleanser for everyday use because the enzymes in this product will help dissolve dead skin and improve your skin’s overall texture. Follow that with the PCA Pigment Bar wash for added brightening and you’re golden.


    Last but not least, product recommendation #6 is tied between the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic & the IsClinical’s GeneXC. These 2 products are without a doubt my recommendations for a pure, stabilized vitamin C that help protect the skin from sun damage and fight against free radicals. Not only do both these products include citric & L-ascorbic acid to prevent dead skin build up, they even address the early onset signs of aging by targeting finelines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. With a variety of #skinclusive products to choose from, SpaDerma prides itself on offering skincare products and treatments that are catered to each skin tone and type.

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