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    The Best Medspa Treatment Combinations

    Did you know that you can get 2 treatments in one day for maximum skin results? Well you can at SpaDerma! We love combining treatments like HydraFacial or 2D to give you the ultimate glow and skin repair. Let’s break down our favorite combination treatments! 

    Our 4 Favorite Combination Treatments 

    1. Clear + Brilliant & HydraFacial 
      • Helps resurface the skin's tone and texture while hydrating the skin 
    2. Laser Genesis & IPL 
      • Most commonly known as 2D, it maximizes results when treating redness, broken capillaries and sun damage
    3. Laser Genesis & HydraFacial 
      • Laser Genesis helps calm redness while creating heat on the skin's surface which attracts the moisture from the HydraFacial treatment. 
    4. HydraFacial & Skin Exfoliation 
      • Adding skin exfoliation makes all the serums from the Hydrafacial penetrate better

    The Combination Treatment Breakdown

    Clear + Brilliant & HydraFacial is a hydrating combo! Clear + Brilliant is an amazing laser treatment that helps with anti-aging, evens out skin tone , helps with pore size and overall brightness aka brilliance! Adding a HydraFacial to the treatment will add hydration as well as all the wonderful benefits of the HydraFacial peptides which will penetrate the skin deeper. As SpaDerma Lincoln Park Aesthetician and Laser + Specialist Violet Nocon says, “I love combination treatments because they can address different skin problems/ concerns and can be treated in one appointment. For example, HydraFacial and Clear +Brilliant is great for congested, oily skin and also those with post inflammatory pigmentation or melasma. The HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin and the Clear +Brilliant laser targets water in the skin, both treatments done together intensify the effects.” 

    Laser Genesis & IPL is a laser facial that is commonly known as the 2D facial. This combination of laser treatments helps maximize results for treating redness, broken capillaries, and sun damage. Doing the treatments together allow for a complete tonal correction providing your skin with the clear and even skin of your dreams! 

    Laser Genesis & HydraFacials is great for calming redness and increased absorption of hydration and peptides. HydraFacial has a combination of 8 unique peptides designed to target the skin's collagen and elastin, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly plump the skin by targeting the skin's collagen. Adding the laser genesis to the Hydrafacial intensifies the results of the Hydrafacial while also helping to calm down redness in the skin.

    HydraFacial & Skin exfoliating is a favorite here at SpaDerma! Skin exfoliating is great form of exfoliation that will help the absorption of product into the skin!  SpaDerma West Loop Aesthetician and Laser + Light Specialist, Stephanie Liongson, explains, “Skin exfoliating and Hydrafacial is the best combo for my brides to be! Adding skin exfoliation makes all the serums from the Hydrafacial penetrate better, the glow can last longer and makeup glides on smoother. Clients notice the difference immediately after treatment.” Many brides choose this treatment before the big day to get an instant glow the day of the wedding!

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    Here at SpaDerma, we want to make skincare, laser and injectables approachable and easy. Feel free to DM us on Instagram, Facebook or give us a call and we’ll help you out! 

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