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    Vivace at spaderma

    Lakeview Aesthetician Katie Doeing with Vivace Experience device

    The new Vivace Experience is now available across all SpaDerma locations, and we are so excited to bring on the newest treatment in Radio Frequency Microneedling. The Vivace treatment approach combines microneedling and radiofrequency energy with a specialized serum and cooling peptide mask to provide patients with superior, natural-looking results.

    The Vivace Experience:

    - Alleviate wrinkles & fine lines
    - Tighten skin
    - Minimize pore size
    - Improve skin tone & texture
    - Immediate results
    - Minimal downtime
    - Virtually pain-free

    Minimal downtime, immediate results and being virtually pain free are just a few of the reasons we love the Vivace Experience. Lakeview Aesthetician and Laser + Light Specialist, Katie Doeing, remarks “I love this treatment because it delivers superior anti-aging results and improves skin texture with extremely minimal downtime. The combination of radio frequency and microneedling technologies is so beneficial for fine lines, large pores, loss of elasticity, and overall skin tone and texture!” We couldn’t agree more with Katie, as Vivace’s results truly speak for themselves.

    How to Prepare for Vivace

    There are a few things to expect when receiving this service. Your Aesthetician will start by making sure you are the right candidate for this treatment. Normal post-treatment reactions may occur, such as redness, blotchiness, swelling, flaking and peeling. It is important to avoid sun tanning beds, sun exposure or sun burns at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. If you have a sunless tan, we ask that you wait 7 days before receiving treatment. Be sure to discontinue retinols, exfoliants, alpha or beta hydroxy acids, and glycolics 7 days prior. We also recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation if you have specific questions or concerns about receiving this treatment.

    What to Expect

    Once you are cleared to receive treatment your provider will cleanse your face to remove any dirt and debris from your skin. Numbing cream will then be applied to the treatment area to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Once your skin is ready, the Vivace Experience will begin! The Vivace Microneedle RF device contains 36 gold-tipped needles that deliver radio frequency energy at 31 depths of penetration to gently heat and tighten the skin. Treatment duration takes about 40-50 minutes so give yourself enough time when planning your day. You may feel a bit of heat to the skin during treatment which should subside in 24 hours.

    Post Procedure Expectations

    After treatment, swelling and redness should subside in a few hours. We ask that you avoid sun exposure at least 2 weeks prior to treatment, try to keep your skin clean and avoid makeup ideally 24 hours post treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours and stay hydrated. Your provider will happily go over more post-care recommendations after treatment is complete!

    We Love Vivace!

    Our entire SpaDerma team really loves this treatment. West Loop Aesthetician and Laser + Light Specialist, Virginia Vitale, mentions “Vivace is all around incredible. It’s literally 6 Microneedling sessions in one. The radio frequency takes tightening to a whole new level, plus the addition of red and blue lights just makes it that much better. I love using the Blue Light when working on oily skin with superficial acne. I personally had Vivace done when I had a minor breakout and it completely solved it. Needless to say, I’m obsessed!” 

    Experience Vivace at SpaDerma and receive an amazing discount in the month of July! Call us today, July 15th, to book across all locations. The first 50 patients to book will receive a $100 gift card to use at SpaDerma. Be sure to tune in and watch Virginia’s Instagram Live where she answers all your Vivace quesitons here

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