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    Calling All Brides!

    Start your journey toward glowing, wedding-day skin now.

    This is the year. This is the year everything is aligned for the wedding of your dreams. You have checked off everything on your to do list in preparation for your wedding day: dress, photographer, catering, flowers, hair, makeup but is skincare on your list?  If your big day is coming up this year, it's important to start your skincare treatments at SpaDerma today! We have a great special this season to help you create your skincare plan for perfect skin. 

    Most of our skincare treatments require a commitment of at least a 3 to 6 month customized plan, depending on your skincare concerns, to get the best results. We recommend starting with a repairing type treatment to get to the root of our skin concerns. Repairing advanced skincare treatments like Vivace microneedling with RF, Clear + Brilliant, or IPL help to repair your skin’s main concerns. Keep in mind, all of our laser treatments require little to no sun exposure 2 weeks before and after treatment to keep your skin healthy! Refreshing treatments like chemical peels, HydraFacials, Fire + Ice, and Geneo Facials help to infuse key ingredients to deliver an amazing skin glow.

    Victoria Garcia, West Loop Aesthetician + Laser Specialist’s patient Alex Brown (now Alex Brown Glover) says, “Victoria at Sp Derma was super helpful and created a plan for my skin leading up to my wedding day. We started about 10 months before my wedding day and did the Vivace treatment twice which really helped my skin look brand new. I also did a combination of Clear + Brilliant treatments with a Hydrafacial here and there for a deep cleanse. My skin has never looked better!”

    Victoria goes on to explain how she got Alex ready for her wedding day, “To get Alex ready for her wedding, I created a customized treatment plan. We started with a series of combination treatments, Derm resurfacing and Hydrafacials and then she wanted to get into more corrective treatments. We did a series of Microneedling with PRP using The SkinPen Microneedling device. Her skin concerns include skin pigmentation so we did IPLs & a VI Peel Precision Plus, she doesn’t like peeling, especially because she’s always in front of clients, but it was effective! We then moved on to a series of Vivace Microneedling with Radio Frequency and she LOVED IT. From there we did a HydraFacial and Clear and Brilliant combination treatment till 3 weeks before her wedding and  right before her wedding we did a HydraFacial. At-home, She uses Skinceuticals CE Ferulic & Neocutis Bio Cream consistently.” The result of this consistent skincare plan at SpaDerma resulted in perfect glowing skin for the bride on her wedding day.

    At SpaDerma, we believe in a combination of a customized skincare regimen and consistency is the key to reaching your skincare goals with us. We usually recommend a year out from your wedding day to start preparing for your wedding to have time to experiment with different skincare treatments and products to see what will work best to achieve your skin goals–and time to develop some truly skin-changing results.

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