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    Wellness Wednesday with Kensli Diggs

    Wellness is not limited to skin health or physical activity, it also encompasses a state of mind–a practice that can be achieved by incorporating skincare, nutrition, physical activity, and overall well being. 

    We wanted to learn about how our team of glow-getters practices wellness so we went to our Lincoln Park Manager, Kensli Diggs, who embodies a life of wellness. We sat with her (virtually!) to find out what wellness means to her and to learn more about Kensli’s wellness practices. 

    Kensli Diggs explains, “To me, wellness is creating a fullness in my life. Having well-rounded practices keeps me healthy both mentally and physically. For me, this includes yoga, daily journaling, intentional eating, and developing an effective skincare routine.” Her skincare routine includes Neocutis medical-grade skincare products and monthly skincare treatments such as HydraFacial or a peel! 

     She continues, “Being part of a community is another way I work to develop a full life. I’m an ambassador and writer for aSweatLife. Within this amazing community I’ve had the opportunity to attend countless events, build strong relationships, and write about Diversity in Wellness. I was drawn to the wellness industry because I was at a point in my life where I was feeling really low. Wellness is so important because it allows you to utilize various tools and information to help build and develop the best version of you.” aSweatLife is a Chicago based, best-in-class media company that helps ambassadors live their best life through mindfulness, nutrition, community, and empowerment. 

    Kensli says, “While currently the manager at SpaDerma Lincoln Park, I get the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of front desk staff, aestheticians, and injectors. I love when we get awesome feedback from our clients, especially when we help them rebuild confidence and develop renewed interest in their skincare.” This sense of community is what we all feel on a daily basis, especially with Kensli Diggs as the manager of Lincoln Park because she brings a positive energy that can be felt by patients and our team. We can’t wait to bring more wellness and fun into our Lincoln Park location with Kensli as our team leader!

    Make sure to check out Kensli’s daily blog to see more from her!

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