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    When Should I get Botox?


    Injectables are one of the most talked about beauty treatments lately and you’ve probably heard people referencing BOTOX or Dysport leaving you wondering which is which and why is everyone talking about it? Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and deliver similar results–they are simply distinct brands with few differences in composition. Both contain the purified form of Botulinum Toxin A which reduces movement of certain facial muscles that cause wrinkles in just 48-72 hours with full treatment effects seen in only 2 weeks!

    Botox and Dysport can address horizontal lines in the forehead, lines between the eyebrows, a dimpled chin, lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), and overactive masseter muscles which lead to a more “square” appearance of the face. Many patients ask what age should they start to get Botox and the answer is, it depends. Some patients come in for preventive measures in their mid-20s and others come in later in life, in their mid-40s. This is why we stress the importance of consultations to determine if this is the right treatment for you and your skin goals. 

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    Kelcy Bai, Injector at SpaDerma Lincoln Park with Suzanne Amaro, Injector at SpaDerma North Shore.

    Kelcy Bai, Injector at SpaDerma Lincoln Park with Suzanne Amaro, Injector at SpaDerma North Shore.

    Why Botox/Dysport?

    Botox is frankly, addicting once you get it, you see your worry lines disappear in 2 weeks once the product has fully settled. It gives you a glow and youthfulness that is truly unparalleled. As one of our Lincoln Park injection nurse practitioner Kelcy Bai, states,

    “The sooner the better!  I would not put an exact age of when you should start Botox/Dysport treatment, but if you are noticing facial wrinkles at rest, then you are indicated for treatment. Preventive treatment is a wonderful way to delay the aging process and address those potential lines before they become noticeable at rest!" 

    Firstly, to prepare for your first Botox treatment you must be at least 18 years old and cannot be pregnant or nursing. You cannot be treated within 30 days of major dental surgery and we recommend not taking any blood thinners prior to treatment as this can promote bruising. Fish oil can also promote bruising, so it is best to stop taking that 2-weeks prior to treatment as well. The pain is minimal and does not require numbing beforehand. Most patients treat their foreheads but as stated above, you can treat your chin, eyebrows, around eyes, and more! Once your first Botox treatment is done, you'll see that the results last between 3-4 months. During that time you'll feel the full effects of your Botox, however around 2.5 months you'll start to see the effects slowly wear off. 


    What Age Should I Get Botox?

    The age to start botox varies but usually, mid-20s to 30s is a good age to start your injectable journey! Lauren Zaucha, SpaDerma Lakeview Physician Assistant injector says, “A  common misconception is that Botox is only for ‘older’ people. Botox is appropriate starting in your 20's. The peak age of beauty is just 22 years old; gravity takes over after that. Feels unfair! Botox does its best work when injected in a patient who has dynamic lines–lines that are apparent when the muscle is contracting, versus static lines–lines that remain present when the facial muscles are at rest. If we perform a thorough facial assessment and tailor our treatment to each individual as they age, we can prevent lines/wrinkles from becoming permanent. Botox can also be used to treat static lines, but while the lines may never completely disappear, they will become softer with consistent Botox treatments.” 

    Many of our SpaDerma team members get Botox and can’t wait for the next employee Botox day! Carolyn Gressman, the Social Media Manager says, “I received Botox for the first time at age 27 and I haven’t looked back! It has helped me prevent early fine lines and helps with my gummy smile! I never knew you could ‘sprinkle’ Botox and get such a beautiful and natural result.” At SpaDerma, we aim to give you a look you are proud to show off, we never want you to feel “frozen” or unnatural so we customize the treatment for you!

    Our team is trained regularly on various skills and techniques to make injections as easy and as painless as possible with the best results! Suzanne Amaro, SpaDerma North Shore Nurse Practitioner Injector states, “I would suggest starting Botox or neurotoxin injections when you start to notice fine lines or if makeup gathers in your creases. It’s so beneficial to start with preventive dosing of toxins versus trying to soften deep lines. The deep lines will likely never go away with treatment, they will only be softened. Preventative dosing will also cause the muscles to atrophy or shrink over time therefore reducing the amount of toxin you will need when you’re older. There are so many benefits to starting early!” There are so many reasons to start Botox but most importantly starting to take care of your skin! 

    Call to book a complimentary consultation or treatment at any of our locations to see if this is the right treatment for you! 

    See you soon glow-getters!

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